What can you choose that will create generative wealth and greater possibility for you right away?

Your choice is all it takes to become abundantly wealthy!

The2Bowmans offer generative programs that enhance your awareness and advance your wealth creation acumen.

You can get involved in five ways:

  1. Explore website content in the form of articles, audios and videos to discover the art of Choice For Wealth.
  2. Choice for Wealth E-book and Audio Book
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Be the creator source of your Sustainable Wealth

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Imagine what it would be like to know with absolute certainty that no matter what happens in your career, the economy, stock markets, global finance or real estate, you’ll be able to have sustainable wealth for the rest of your life, whether you are in a job or not?

The 5 chapters in this book provide you with insights and questions that will assist you to unlock your wealth. Choose either pdf or audio format, or purchase the .pdf ebook and add the audiobook for a much reduced price at checkout.



Every choice you make creates a different possibility.


Master the Art of Sustainable Wealth Creation


Choice For Wealth: MASTERCLASSES

Your financial life doesn’t have to be about limitation. It doesn’t have to be about creating the same old thing. Imagine what it would be like to create a reality that actually works for you? What if it’s truly possible to be the awareness of those possibilities?

You are the source of your wealth, not your job, your investments, your financial advisers, or significant others. Your wealth is directed by you and it goes in the direction in which you take it.

What do you need to do or what do you need to be that would bring this to actualization with total ease?

“What can you be that you are not being, that if you would be it, would exponentialize your capacity to generate sustainable wealth with total ease?”


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